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Code Blue is a pioneering organization led by Refael Franco, former Deputy Director General of the Israel National Cyber Directorate, Head of the Israeli National Cyber Defense Branch, Head of the Regulation Division, and Israel National Security Award recipient. With 28 years of experience in the defense establishment and a successful track record as an entrepreneur and CEO of Code Blue, Refael Franco has developed a cutting edge, multi-disciplinary intervention model for organizations dealing with cyber crises.

Our team at Code Blue boasts a remarkable history of effectively managing numerous high-profile cyber crises and operations worldwide. Leveraging our expertise, we have consistently minimized crisis duration, mitigated operational, financial, and regulatory impacts, and safeguarded corporate reputation.
In collaboration with the renowned crisis consulting group, the Gitam Group (BBDO Israel), Code Blue brings together a talented team of employees and senior consultants specializing in cyber risk management, reputation management, regulation, privacy intelligence, negotiations, technology, network rehabilitation, IT/OT, incident response (IR), and business continuity. This collaborative approach ensures that our customers benefit from a distinctive operational advantage and a methodology designed to expedite the resolution of cyber crises and mitigate damage.


Unique services and solutions

Gold Standard

A unique preparedness solution developed by Mr. Refael Franco for full organization dynamic preparedness to reduce damages when a Cyber crisis occurs. Following year-round vigilance through monitoring statuses and actions to create Readiness, Alertness, and Actions

Cyber Crisis Management

With a unique perception developed from a decade long extensive experience in all Cyber Crisis layers at your side through the entire incident, to recover quickly and minimize the risk!

Organizational Recovery

A complete solution allows the organization to recover fully and securely after a cyber crisis

Your Company/Organization is on the Verge of a Cyber Crisis.

This is the guiding assumption every organization must live by, based on a realistic snapshot of today’s world. By the time you finish reading these lines, three organizations around the world will have experienced a crushing cyber event. With this in mind, it is no wonder intelligence agencies have crowned cyber threats as the most dangerous of all.

It is now up to you to decide the state under which the upcoming cyber-attack will find you. In the current cybernetic reality, those who wisely prepare in advance for the impending cyber crisis – which will come – will find minimal damage and effect, both on ongoing, daily activity, and future operations. Based on this very principle, at the center of which lies a unique method for organizational readiness for cyber crises, we founded Code Blue.

What Dangers Lurk You and Your Organization Behind the Doors of the Next Cyber Attack?

A cyber-attack has the potential to severely harm – temporarily or permanently – the key capabilities of any organization. Its damages leave the organization, as well as its leaders, vulnerable and exposed to lawsuits.
This, along with perhaps the most serious of all, is the damage to the functional continuity, organizational image and reputation, from which recovery is not a certainty.

Unlike companies that usually act only when a cyber crisis is at its peak, Code Blue specializes in learning and preparing organizations for such crises. At the foundation of the unique method we have developed – the Gold Standard – is a series of actionable steps that should and can be taken today to ensure better organizational readiness for cyber crises. This way, your organization could return to its operational routine as soon as possible while dealing with a cyber crisis.

Already Facing a Cyber-Attack?

Our approach is centered around the organization’s ability to continue operations during crises.
A dedicated operational team will be assigned to address and respond to your event in all its aspects as it unfolds: putting technology and service back on track, legalities and media policy, negotiations and operations, ongoing risk management and assessment, privacy matters and communicating with regulators.
Even once the crisis has been contained, your organization will have our full support in post-event recovery, disseminating lessons learned and optimizing preparations for future incidents.

This is the vision Code Blue stands for, along with the following skills and capabilities aggregated in years of professional experience: a 360-degree crisis management lifecycle of readiness, response, and recovery- early preparations by executing and implementing a customized plan, real-time support and securing the event while assessing causes and making preparation adjustments for future events.

Code Blue’s client base consists of state and business sectors, both locally and globally, and can best attest to the effective results of the company’s unique vigorous and practical approach to tackling a cyber crisis.


Our team of experts

Refael Franco

Founder and CEO

Nir Yaniv

VP of Business Development and Operations

Michal Klein

Media and Company Reputation

Moty Cristal

Cyber negotiation expert

Gil Baram, PhD

Cyber Strategy & Policy Advisor

Tom Besser

Senior Strategy Cyber Reputation/Communications Expert

Doron Darmon

CTO and IRR Expert

Dvir Schonberg

COO & Cyber operations manager

Rachel Stern

Executive Account Manager & Data Analysis

Michal Gal

Strategic Cyber PR consultant

Rachel Levy Semama, Adv.

Chief of Staff

Zeev Tene

Director of Cyber Intelligence & a Cyber Crisis Manager

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